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New work, new paths

09/10/2022 | 10:30

A concert presenting three world premières by young Spanish composers, with the piece Oculto, by Luis de Pablo, topping the bill. It is a homage to this key figure in the history of contemporary music in Spain and organiser of the Encuentros de Pamplona in 1972. Juan José Eslava offers, in his collaboration with soloist Lluïsa Espigolé, an approach to the piano as object, in order to immerse the instrument itself in a process of “resignification”, in which it resists giving up its status as an instrument. The part is designed as a space for complex action, encounter and interaction between the primal energies of song, the impact of sound and resonance, without excluding the performance angle, as is the case in some of his previous work. For Irene Galindo Quero the sound discourse is generated on the basis of a range of different works for different combinations, all of them within a single instrumental environment – in this composition, a trio made up of flute, oboe and accordion – which ends up coming back together through omission and editing techniques, so giving the listener a kind of demarcation of listening, like a window that enables them to observe, in the author’s words, “a landscape that extends in all directions”. Fabià Santcovsky proposes different short pieces for violin and cello, in which he sketches out a dialogue between the natural resonance and the “residual” sound of instruments, all based on a poetics of coding natural phenomena that recalls listening to the wind and seeing bodies in movement. This composition is underlain with a tension between cultural language, taken as a spectre or residue, and representing nature as an expressive space in itself. Colectivo E7.2 performs three of the four works through a stage approach and the undoubted excellence of their commitment to today’s creative sound.


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