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Signs of the times

16/10/2022 | 12:00

Dialogue with Peter Sloterdijk and Isidoro Reguera

Peter Sloterdijk is one of the most brilliant minds in humanity – according to the newspaper Bild Zeitung – a mind that “has the future in his head”. Because philosophers are not mere spectators, or prophets: in fact they are lucid interpreters of the signs of the times. Sloterdijk, who will be talking to his main Spanish translator and fellow philosopher Isidoro Reguera, proposes a new definition of existence, a revolution of consciousness, in short, the formulation of a new human being. The basis of all this lies in what Sloterdijk calls “co-immunism” (as opposed to communism): quite simply a shared strategy for survival. This encounter will discuss a religion seen as universal ethics and spiritual training (not as theology). A politics that does not create jobs aboard the Titanic, but deals instead with the science of the iceberg. A certain distancing from the world, a critique of kinetic reason in the awareness of underlying human fragility. A kind of Euro-taoism of calm with a wisdom founded in the natural order of existence, instead of a Euro-centrism based on big, self-interested narratives. Ultimately, the general question of the meaning of one’s own choice between two alternatives: sedentary nationalism where the whole meaning of life comes from one’s terroir, or a citizen of the world in transit, a personal individual despite not being of any specific place. 


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