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Marginal Notes: On the Body

15/10/2022 | 11:00

Round table with Mireia Sallarès, Maria Ptqk and Mercedes Peón, moderated by Berta Ares Yáñez. 

Feminist propositions are not limited to a single discourse, but all share a disagreement with the hegemonic discourse and set out to dilute it. Marginal notes synthesise the association and understanding of ideas, their appropriation, but also disagreement and correction. They set creativity in motion to give way to other manners of being and understanding. They suggest the deconstruction of hegemony and raise other ways of thinking. 

Mireia Sallarès, Maria Ptqk and Mercedes Peón stimulate critical spirit with their creative, curating or artistic practices, on the basis of the intersection of disciplines and a plurality of voices, intuitions and knowledge, highlighting imagination, a sense of possibility and political engagement. With them we will be discussing the body, one of the great political and cultural battlegrounds of the 21st century. 

Gender studies, post-colonial thought and artistic and academic practice have helped to place the body at the centre of debate. Whether through evidence, experience or performance, thinking about the body means dealing with issues like vulnerability, pleasure, power, violence, self-esteem, fear, resistance, symbiosis, interdependence, partnership, sexuality, countersexuality, rage and coexistence.



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