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A present and future look at the poetry of Navarre

11/10/2022 | 19:00

Round table with Fernando Luis Chivite, Castillo Suárez, Luis Garde and Regina Salcedo, moderated by Roberto Valencia.

Navarrese poetry, with its own singularities and features, is in a similar position to this literary art in the rest of the world, in its striving to update once more the classic languages of lyricism and meditative verse. Navarrese poetry, enriched by its position between two languages, will be discussed at this round table where we will ask ourselves whether our region’s poetry effectively has topics and tones of its own and whether its poets are aware of this. And also whether the creation of poetry in Basque offers an array of effects and outpourings that do not appear in Spanish, as we will explore whether it is created out of clearly differentiated procedures and traditions. We will also seek to focus on the future of our poets: does the survival of Navarrese poetry mean adapting to the syncopated, irrational rhythm of the 21st century or will it manifest itself more freely if it continues to speak in its own voice? Does its somewhat extemporaneous position offer an opportunity for creative liberty free from global pressures, or does its isolation represent a serious risk to its creative health? 



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