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Thinking and the arts have almost instinctively played an active part, especially since the second half of the 20th century, in the face of new approaches aiming at reorganising the world which leave huge numbers of victims behind them. Are we still able to connect with the best of what we are? Are we in time to re-enchant the world, if only for a few minutes or days? Is it still possible to think of a new world, radically different and better than the one we have inherited? How can we connect with the human condition in today’s world with the traditional imagination we have inherited?

Sound installations, music, art exhibitions, dance, circus, literature, film, theatre, architecture and thought, hand in hand with the city’s own cultural fabric, hold out an active invitation to create, look and listen to the world in order to renew its charm. 

Irony, humour, madness, breaking boundaries and excitement will propel those present to transgress literality, break down intolerant attitudes and overthrow fixed positions. The Encuentros de Pamplona as an excellent place to exchange shared affinities and memories, to find complicity through the senses and emotions.