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The architecture cooperative Orekari was founded in 2013 with the idea of working on projects related to architecture, territory, art and culture, always from a social and sustainable perspective. Without neglecting ‘conventional’ construction projects, Orekari delves into the world of participation, collaborative art and bioconstruction. For this reason, Xabi Urroz, Itxaso Iturrioz and Ioar Cabodevilla understand and live architecture in its broadest sense, binding their projects very strongly with the local territory and its people, since they use architecture as a vehicle for regeneration and urban transformation, and as an engine of cultural and artistic change.

They have carried out urbanism, art and participatory and collaborative culture projects such as the artistic residence Repensar el Contenedor (Rethinking the Container) (2017) at Centro Huarte, Futbol ateen Hackeoa (Football goal hack) (2018), as part of the A3 school programme, Objetivo Torre (Objective Tower) in Ablitas (2019) in the Landarte art and rural environment programme, and the Repensar la Periferia (Rethinking the Periphery) project in several villages and neighbourhoods on the outskirts of Pamplona, combining art and architecture as a tool for urban regeneration.