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Encuentros de Pamplona 72-22

International Meeting of Culture, Art and Thought Pamplona, 6-18 October 2022




In 1972 the ALEA group worked hard to organise a cutting-edge cultural and artistic programme at different venues in Pamplona. A contemporary art festival coordinated by painter José Luis Alexanco and musician Luis de Pablo, commissioned by the family of Félix Huarte to set up a series of events in homage to the industrialist, collector and patron of the arts who had died the year before.


What are the Encuentros de Pamplona 72-22 ?

An international cultural meeting (encuentro in Spanish) to discuss the complex challenges of today’s world and to consider the most urgent social issues, through thought, the arts, literature and music and dialogue with a hundred of the most eminent personalities on the global scene. 

A unique, transformational celebration for intellectual and artistic enjoyment in the fullest sense, though dialogues, round tables and creative workshops, as well as more than forty artistic events including concerts, dance, theatre, musicals, film screenings, and exhibitions, as well as artistic performances and installations in public spaces in the city.